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April, 1987 The establishment of Powercom, initially designing and manufacturing intelligent UPS.
January, 1988 The first manufacturer in Taiwan presents 550VA UPS with Microprocessor control.
May, 1989 The first manufacturer in Taiwan presents super slim UPS with microprocessor control and built in AVR and having the approval of German TUV and USA UL.
June, 1990 Introducing S.P.W.M. technology to research and develop on line UPS.
January, 1992 Moving from Yuan Tun production site to Lien Chien, the current Head quarters. Expanding scale and adding the business item of providing the engineering service on computer center.
June, 1992 Present the new high frequency on-line UPS with less volume, weight and noise.
June, 1993 Expand production capacity (adding production lines on 10th floor) and enhance the marketing sales network in the middle and south of Taiwan.
December, 1993 Complete on-line UPS research and development. Powercom has most UPS models (15 models) among competitors in Taiwan.
June, 1994 Receiving Award of Golden Plaza of National Excellent Electrical Equipment from the government.
August, 1994 SONH Series is approved by TUV in Germany making Powercom products market all over the world.
August, 1994 Selected by the government as a model enterprise. Consult with the National Institution of Management Science to proceed total quality management (TQM) and computerization plan. Introduce the newest operation system, MIPS shortening the manufacturing lead time and making production flow more flexible.
October, 1994 Awarded by the government as an enterprise with excellent performance.
July, 1995 Receiving the award of best UPS efficiency design.
October, 1995 Receiving the award of National Golden Brain.
November, 1995 Receiving the award of best UPS efficiency design.
February, 1996 Receiving the Certificate of ISO 9001 Quality System.
September, 1996 Receiving the fifth national awards of small and medium enterprises from Ministry of Economic Affairs.
October, 1996 UPS King series awarded as the Symbol of Excellence Winner from Taiwan government.
February, 1997 Smart King series awarded as the Symbol of Excellence Winner from Taiwan government.
March, 1997 Receiving the award of Small Medium Business with innovative entrepreneurship from the government.
December, 1998 Ultimate UPS series awarded as the Symbol of Excellence Winner from Taiwan Government.
October, 1999 Receiving the Award from Asia-Pacific Industrial Research & Development Foundation as the Rising Stars among Small-Medium Business.
December, 1999 Receiving the Eighth National Award, "It is very well made in Taiwan".
January, 2000 Receiving the Ninth National Award, "It is very well made in Taiwan".
May, 2000 Receiving "The most popular UPS" Award in Taiwan.
July, 2001 Receiving the Awards of Good Consumer Selection products.
March, 2001 Public listed in Taiwan Stock market. (Taisdaq)

International Certificates

Britain BSI ISO 9001 Certificate
European CE Certificate
Germany TUV Certificate
America UL Safety Certificate
America FCC Certificate

Powercom announced the new KING PRO RM 1000VA

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - December 20, 2001 - Powercom America, Inc. (PAI) today announced the King Pro 1000VA RM (KIN-1000AP RM), it is specially designed for mission critical environment equipments such as file server, internet server, network back-up drive, hubs, and telecommunication systems that are build on a rack mount, which is becoming popular on most small and medium businesses even internet data service providers, it offers the best space saving design to reduce your space cost when you have to park your servers in a very expensive co-location host.

Thanks to the fully digitized microprocessor control system, the KIN-1000 RM can perform all kind of power management tasks to protect your system against black out, surge, spike, over-voltage and under-voltage with output wave close to since-wave that purify the power from distorted AC source.

The KIN-1000AP RM ship with UPSMON plus, UPS monitoring software that saves data in open files, closes open application and gracefully shuts down the operating system without user attendance. the software tests all internal components, including the battery, ensures your UPS is ready when you need it. If a abnormal is found, UPSMON plus will alerts you with easy to read texts. Other features including power event log, scheduled system shutdown, remote UPS management. The control panel offered easy to read LED status display that shows all the information you have to know about the UPS status. Thru the unique free-bundled UPSMON plus monitoring software to remote access to the power quality of the valuable server/workstation you need to protect. It gives you the tool to shut down the system safely without any risk of business down-time during critical power events.

About Powercom America, Inc.

Founded in 1987, Powercom America, Inc. is one of the leading compact size UPS providers in the world. The company introduced it's first microprocessor controlled UPS (UPS-550VA) in 1987. Powercom found its combativeness on line-interactive UPS, which offers maximum power protection for all kinds of mission critical environments. Powercom granted the most cost effective UPS award by Computer Reseller News in August, 1999. The company is eagerly expanding it's sales territory by offering a distribution package that will enhance it's partners world wide to create a substantial promotional activity worldwide as well as co-operating with OEM/ODM business partners with turn-key solution. For more information about Powercom please visit the web http://www.powercom-usa.com or by calling 714-525-8889 ext. 103

For information about the Company and the latest PAI announcements. For additional information, members of the press should contact following PAI PR contact:

PAI PR Contact

Senior Manager of media relations worldwide
714-525-8889 ext. 110

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