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Following the advance of network technology, the investment that enterprises make in the network has been continuously growing; meanwhile, the reliability of network units is progressively strengthened. Corporations in China are now encountering the flaws in quality/quantity of electricity, and the defects, covering complex environment of electric force, harmonic, overload, low voltage, and disconnection, are intimidating the proper operation of the network and causing damage to network devices. Also, the disconnection of network can even lead to the loss of critical data. Fortunately, the Ultimate series of UPS, provided by PCM, the United States, can deliver optimum solutions of high scalability and multiple configurations for your web environment now and future. As the data center of business core, it particularly requires the high availability of 99.999%; to meet the requirement, Ultimate of PCM makes the best choice for you.


LCD display front panel.


The Powercom Vanguard series UPS is designed for those applications that need maximum protection in the 700VA ~ 20KVA range. With its high-frequency, double-conversion online topology, clean sine wave power output, advanced communications and space-saving tower design, the Powercom Vanguard series is the ideal power solution for networks, web servers, telecommunications applications and other critical electronic equipment.

  Vanguard II

Designed in both tower form (models named as "VGS") and rack mount form (models named as "VRT"), the Vanguard II series provides continuous sine-wave power with its peak power factor of 0.9, double conversion technology, and high frequency design.


The work conducted in medical centers and medical cares institutes usually demands specifically sophisticated devices and instruments; hence, when undergoing electric malfunction, such as slight harmonic, overload, spike, breakdowns are very likely taking place, which can seriously affect any significant operation or practice.
As the top-rank manufacturer of UPS, PCM is presenting the ONL series, which are exclusive for medical centers/medical care institutes. Implementing the intelligent control of CPU, ONL allows facilitating the comprehensive stability of product application to offer ensured power protection of medical practice or use.


LCD display front panel

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